Welcome at the Association for Foreign Lawyers, the association that informs and gathers judicial actors from all over Europe who practice their profession in legal systems different from their native legal system.

Who are we?

The AFL is an association under Dutch law that brings lawyers together who practice their profession outside of their original country.

Thanks to our personal experiences, we dealt with difficulties encountered by lawyers working outside of their native countries as well as the experiences and discoveries of new legal terrain, all while expanding their legal European culture.

While working together we noted that many differences between our legal systems maintained, despite the upcoming harmonization of the rights within the European Union.

The AFL brings lawyers together who have similar experience as ours and wish to share their knowledge.

The AFL is mainly active in the field of international trade law, international property law and civil law. We are a private association without any dependency on any state or public authority. The association’s  aim is to improve the knowledge of the different legal systems within the European Union, their resemblances and differences.

Why would you join us?

1. Exchange and partition of professional experiences

The association offers you a large network that will allow foreign lawyers to develop cross-border collaboration.

2. Increase  knowledge of the legislative differences between Member states

The association allows you to increase your knowledge of the differences in the transpositions of the directive in national systems. This allows members of the association to improve their knowledge of the European law and the way the law is being implemented in different countries.

We are active in the following fields of activities:

  • harmonization of national rights
  • international trade law
  • implementation of intellectual property law
  • civil and commercial procedures before different national courts

What can we do for you?

Through newsletters, meetings and conferences the association will allow you to develop your network and to share your experiences with lawyers who, like yourself, practice their profession outside of their original country and have learned a new legal system.

  • newsletter
  • roundtable discussion
  • position paper
  • cocktails


How to join us?

To become a member of the AFL, you have to meet the following conditions for admission:

To be admitted you need:

  • to have a Master I diploma in law or a post-graduate degree of the same level, and devote a substantial part of your professional activities to represent, advise, lend your assistance or rent your services to people or companies, to assure the protection, the conservation or the defense of their rights or devote a substantial part of your activities within a university, business school or a training or research organization.
  • to have enough knowledge of the English language so that you will be able to follow and participate in the sessions and workshops of the association.

Annual contribution: €30,-


The board

  • President: Brigitte A.J. Spiegeler (Dutch)
  • Vice-President: Franziska Pechtl (German)
  • Treasurer: John Greijmans (Dutch)
  • Secretary: Camille Rideau (French)




Oranjestraat 8, 2514 JB The Hague, Netherlands